Freeze! Or don't, I don't care. The name's Vi, the Piltover Enforcer, champion for the League of Legends. Have any questions? Well lets get crackin'!

((Tracks the askvithepiltoverenforcer tag))


Just messing around with the Debonair Vi skin cuz unf a woman in a suit is always good thing

"Y’know, you don’t look half bad with black hair you’re rocking it pretty hardcore!"

((Cupcake’s new design is SOOO GOOD I approve and so does Vi also 100TH POST WOOT WOOT)

((Just a lil’ happy update based off of this vine [x] Also gl to anyone taking finals rn or soon))

((Hey everyone! Just an update of what’s going on over here on my end. Been pretty busy drawing shtiz for college portfolios and what not which is consuming a LOT of my time, a lot more then I want but, hey, what can a girl do other then eat everything out of the fridge in righteous fury |D I’ll leave a lil promo for something I plan to work on after I finish up loose ends over here.))


((Yea these are a bit late but i wanted to do something festive. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!))

suqling sent:

*// u//*)b <3

Heya Suqling!

"… How could you ask me that?"

I’ve always got your six…


"How do you suppose we settle this?"


((Welcome to my stupid sudden decision to make a comic in four-ish days. Anyways please enjoy my gift to you all. And best wishes to the new years that you all may be happy in whatever it is you do.

And hopefully Sona will recover from a silly New years event, she’s not one for drunkenness nor rowdy evenings. Thanks for another year in the league askblog community, wish I could say something for each person. But I’m not a very good speaker.

So instead. Cheers and here’s to another year. With much love   -Lin))

//I was your secret santa! I drew you a little doodle…mostly because I had no idea how to draw you a gauntlet cleaning kit. x.x; I hope you like it!


"Dang Morgs, that’s a hella nice snapshot you got of me!"

((Holy guac, I LOVE IT! THANK YOU!!!))


"You know.. That sounds rather lovely, Vi."


(( OOC: Merry Christmas guys and also, a happy birthday to Vi mun BECAUSE I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE ANGST AND HOW MUCH I HATE YOU FOR IT. ))


Anonymous sent:

(Secret Santa): Hello there. I'm your new Secret Santa. Any hints for me for what I should get you?

"Well I gotta admit my babies, Vice and Violence, need a lil tunin’ up soon. How bout’ a brand spankin’ new hex tech welding kit? Or anything to help me keep my gauntlets in good shape."

(( You’re welcome ))